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  • Just under a fifth of respondents feel that improvements to travel infrastructure should be a priority for the council moving forward, such as improving roads and public transport
  • The same proportion of respondents feel the council should address issues with housing (18%), with many respondents concerned that the city is overcrowded, creating issues with parking and accessing services (i.e. doctors, dentists, schools, etc.)
  • Several respondents who comment about housing oppose further houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs) being built, instead feeling that family housing or council housing should be prioritised
  • Many respondents would like the council to prioritise the environment and green policies going forward, including the provision of an environmentally friendly transport system

Further comments about the council’s budget

Base: Total sample (261)

This table shows the main themes from further comments left by respondents:
18% make comments about travel infrastructure and public transport
18% make comments about housing
14% make comments about environment/ green policies
11% make comments about readdressing funding/ financial investment
10% make comments about council tax
9% make comments about council cost-cutting
8% make comments about investment in healthcare and wellbeing
7% make comments about regeneration and city development
23% make comments about another issue

wdt_ID Main themes %
1 Travel infrastructure and public transport 18
2 Housing 18
3 Environment/ green policies 14
4 Readdress funding/ financial investment 11
5 Council tax 10
6 Council cost-cutting 9
7 Investment in healthcare and wellbeing 8
8 Regeneration and city development 7
9 Other 23