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  • Over a quarter of respondents leaving further comments feel that the council should readdress its funding and financial investments, for example by not wasting money on unnecessary projects which are not benefiting the city
  • Some respondents would like to see development and regeneration of the city become more of a priority in the council’s budget, for example by reinvesting in run down areas of the city such as some retail areas, whilst others mention a better provision of facilities such as leisure centres or tourist attractions
  • Other respondents also feel that money is wasted within the council itself, with some suggesting that the council make better use of the Civic Offices whilst most staff are working from home

Most common themes from further comments

Base: Total sample (429)

wdt_ID Themes Percentage of respondents (%)
1 Readdress funding / financial investments 27
2 Regeneration and city development 19
3 Travel infrastructure and public transport 17
4 Environment / green policies 17
5 Investment in health and wellbeing 14
6 Council tax 12
7 Housing 11
8 Students 5
9 Other 16

This table shows that of further comments from respondents, 27% related to the council readdressing its funding and financial investments, 19% related to regeneration and city development, 17% related to travel infrastructure and public transport, 17% related to environment and green policies, 14% related to investment in health and wellbeing, 12% related to council tax, 11% related to housing, 5% related to students, and 16% comprised other comments.