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  • There is low awareness of the Route4U app, with 86% of respondents having never heard of it
  • Once the concept of the app is explained respondents are positive, with 44% saying they would be ‘likely/very likely’ to use the Route 4U app
  • Likelihood to use increases by age, with 16% of 55+ year olds being ‘very likely’ to use the app once it is explained to them

Frequency of Route4U App usage in Portsmouth

Base: All with barriers to travel (624)

This chart shows the frequency of using the Route4U App in Portsmouth
2% of respondents say they have used it once or twice
5% say they have heard of it but not used it
7% say they do not know whether they have used it
86% say that they have never heard of it

Likelihood to use the Route 4U app once made aware of it

Base: All with barriers to travel, and not previously aware of the Route4U app (533)

This chart shows the likelihood of using the Route4U app once they are made aware of it
12% of respondents say very likely, 32% say likely, 22% say unlikely, 16% say very unlikely and 17% say they do not know