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  • Nearly half or respondents say that their main dream for the future is regarding employment or education (43%), with desires ranging from finding their ‘dream job’ or future carer path to completing a further education course at either college or university
  • Just under a fifth of respondents say that they want to develop their relationships with friends and family or find romance (18%)
  • Approximately one in ten respondents say their main dream is to be independent in the future (13%), whether that be financial independence or living independently

Hopes and dreams for the future

Base: Total sample (280)

This table shows that when asked about their hopes and dreams for the future
43% of respondents say employment or education
18% say relationships with friends and or family, and romance
13% say to have independence
8% say to travel
5% say to be happy and or healthy
4% say to go out to more events, social groups and clubs
5% say other hopes and dreams
30% of respondents did not leave a comment

wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Employment or education 43
2 Relationships with friends, family, romance 18
3 Independence 13
4 Travel 8
5 To be happy / healthy 5
6 To go out more to events, groups and clubs 4
7 Other 5
8 Did not leave a comment 30