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  • Over half of respondents (62%) live in PO1-PO6 but not near Spur Road; over one in five respondents (22%) live near Spur Road
  • 15% of respondents live outside of Portsmouth (PO1-PO6)
  • Almost all respondents (97%) are not representing a business – only 3% are

An asterisk (*) indicates a very small base size, caution should be taken when interpreting the results

Which of the following applies to you?

This chart shows that 62% of respondents live in the PO1-PO6 area but not near Spur Road, 22% live in the PO1-PO6 area near Spur Road and 15% do not live in the PO1-PO6 area.

Base: Total sample (402)

Are you a business?

This chart shows that 97% of respondents are not a business while 3% of them are.

Base: Total sample (402)

What is the name of your business?

This section shows that 7 businesses gave the name of their business when responding to the survey. The 7 businesses were: To the Hoop Basketball Services, Southsea Driving Academy, Stagecoach, Driving-pro, Transparent Communications Ltd, Aquacars Taxi, and Lessons with Lou Driving School.

Base: Total businesses (7*) | Caution small base

  • The Hoop Basketball Services
  • Stagecoach
  • Southsea Driving Academy
  • Driving-Pro
  • Transparent Communications LTD
  • Aquacars Taxi
  • Lessons with Lou Driving School