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  • The majority of respondents to the consultation do travel through the Portsbridge roundabout area (99%)
  • The main reasons for traveling via the roundabout are: to see friends and family (60%), travel to shops (57%), for work (52%) and to travel to a leisure activity (51%)
  • Only a small percentage of respondents travel via Portsbridge roundabout to get to a place of education (7%)

Do you ever travel on a route that takes you through Portsbridge roundabout?

This chart shows that 99% of respondents say they travel on a route which takes them through Portsbridge roundabout.

Base: Total sample (651)

What are the main reasons you travel via Portsbridge roundabout?

This chart shows that 60% of respondents travel to see friends and family, 57% travel to the shops, 52% travel to work, and 51% travel for a leisure activity.

Base: Total sample (611)