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  • Of those residents experiencing long COVID, the most frequently reported symptoms are weakness or tiredness (85%), shortness of breath (61%), difficulty concentrating (58%), worry or anxiety (54%) and muscle ache (53%)

Which long COVID symptoms have you experienced?

Weighted base: Respondents experiencing long COVID: 170

This chart shows that:
85% experienced weakness or tiredness
61% experienced shortness of breath
58% experienced difficulty concentrating
54% experienced worry or anxiety
53% experienced muscle ache
48% experienced headache
45% experienced trouble sleeping
43% experienced low mood or not enjoying life
33% experienced memory loss or confusion
32% experienced a runny nose or sneezing
32% experienced a cough
23% experienced palpitations
22% experienced loss of smell
19% experienced loss of taste
19% experienced vertigo or dizziness
18% experienced a sore throat
18% experienced chest pain
17% experienced noisy breathing (wheezing)
17% experienced abdominal pain
17% experienced loss of appetite
15% experienced diarrhoea
12% experienced nausea or vomiting
5% experienced a fever
1% experienced none of these