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  • Residents use a range of sustainable transport for short journeys
  • The majority of residents either walk (80%) or cycle (60%) often for short journeys, and more than a third travel by rental e-scooter often (37%)
  • Residents travel least by ferry or hovercraft for short journeys

How often do you travel in the following ways for short journeys (i.e. up to a 15-minute walk) nowadays?

Weighted base: All those who… for short journeys: Walk: 1,436 | Cycle: 364 | Rental e-scooter (Voi): 81 | Train: 97 | Bus: 304 | Ferry/hovercraft: 40

This chart shows that:
80% of residents often,15% sometimes, and 5% occasionally walk for short journeys
60% of residents often, 29% sometimes, and 11% occasionally cycle for short journeys
37% of residents often, 30% sometimes, and 33% occasionally use a rental e-scooter for short journeys
36% of residents often, 45% sometimes, and 19% occasionally get the train for short journeys
30% of residents often, 43% sometimes, and 28% occasionally get the bus for short journeys
19% of residents often, 43% sometimes, and 38% occasionally get the ferry/hovercraft for short journeys