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To financially resource our parks.


Summary of reasons for disagreeing with this principle

Base: Respondents who disagree (5*)

*Caution should be taken interpreting these results due to small base numbers. Showing responses from 1% of the total sample

  • Concern that residents will shoulder additional fees or taxes in order to finance parks and open spaces
  • Feeling financial resourcing of parks should be kept within the council
  • Concern that financial resourcing of parks and open spaces may impact their ability to use them e.g. charged entrance fees, restricted opening times


Key quotes from respondents

“I hope this doesn’t mean the council will start charging an entrance fee!”

“Keep it within the council.”

“Should be open to everyone at all times. Shouldn’t have to pay to go to the park.”

“I find it very wrong that I have to pay for everything I do in my own town. I cannot even go to the beach without having to pay.”