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To provide safe parks facilities for all users.


Summary of reasons for disagreeing with this principle

Base: Respondents who disagree (6*)

*Caution should be taken interpreting these results due to small base numbers. Showing responses from 1% of the total sample

  • Feeling a distinction should be made between ‘all users’ and particular activities e.g. not for users who take part in illegal activities or anti-social behaviour in parks
  • Concern about the meaning of ‘safe’ – if this means enclosed it could encourage anti-social behaviour
  • Unsure if providing facilities like toilets is a valuable use of funds and/or feel facilities will not be clean
  • Feeling parks are already safe


Key quotes from respondents

“There’s no point spending our money on toilets as they’ll be disgusting day of opening, more recycling bins and baby changing would be great.”

“For all legal activities, not all users.”

“Who says parks aren’t safe spaces already?”

“Safe means enclosed which  encourages anti social behaviour – parks should be more flow through.”