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To provide welcoming entrances for all users.



  • To provide welcoming entrances for all users, respondents suggest maximising the use of signage, such as in different languages or including maps and walking routes (15%), as well as making entrances more accessible, for example for wheelchair and pushchair users (11%)
  • Respondents also suggest keeping entrances well maintained, such as ensuring gates are working and keeping entrances clear of litter and dog poo (8%), as well as making them more visible, inviting or considering the aesthetic quality of entrances (5%)

How can the council help to improve things in this area?

Base: Total sample (568)

This table shows how respondents feel the council could help improve things in this area, relating to the principle ‘to provide welcoming entrances for all users‘:
15% suggest signage, including more, in different languages, maps, walking routes and rules
11% suggest making entrances more accessible for users, such as for those in wheelchairs or with pushchairs, having level paths or no gates
8% suggest keeping them well maintained, with working gates, and clearing up litter, broken glass and dog poo
5% suggest making entrances more visible/ inviting/ thinking about aesthetics, such as through artistic gates, arches, and sculptures
4% suggest improving safety, such as wardens/ community officers, tackling anti-social behaviour, dog control, and fines
4% suggest greenery and wildlife, such as flower beds, shrubs, and plants to encourage wildlife
2% suggest lighting
2% suggest less fencing/ enclosing parks and open spaces
1% suggest adding facilities, such as car parking, seating, toilets, and cafés
1% suggest working with community and groups to ensure they are welcoming for all
4% suggest other improvements
55% left no relevant comment

wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Signage - more, different languages, maps, walking routes, rules 15
2 Make more accessible for users e.g. wheelchairs, pushchairs, level paths, no gates 11
3 Keep well maintained - working gates, clear up litter, broken glass and dog poo 8
4 Make entrances more visible/ inviting/ aesthetics - artistic gates, arches, sculptures 5
5 Safety - wardens/ community officers, tackle anti-social behaviour, dog control, fines 4
6 Greenery and wildlife - flower beds, shrubs, plants to encourage wildlife 4
7 Lighting 2
8 Less fencing/ enclosing parks and open spaces 2
9 Add facilities - car parking, seating, toilets, café 1
10 Work with community and groups to ensure welcoming for all 1
11 Other 4
15 No relevant comment 55