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To support Parks Friends, volunteering and opportunities for children.


Summary of reasons for disagreeing with this principle

Base: Respondents who disagree (6*)

*Caution should be taken interpreting these results due to small base numbers. Showing responses from 1% of the total sample

  • Being unsure how it relates to the priority of ‘lifelong learning’
  • Not feeling it should be a spending priority
  • Being unsure how opportunities would be provided for children


Key quotes from respondents

“How to engage with children?  There are some communal gardens at Canoe Lake.”

“What has lifelong learning to do with it?”

“Nothing wrong with the concept, I just don’t support it as a spending priority.”

“Principle is great, not sure how you connect it to the statement “lifelong learning”.  If principle involves facilitating community ownership and care of open space – brilliant. Do we really need to call it life long learning?”