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To protect biodiversity, tree coverage and increase wildflower habitat.


Summary of reasons for disagreeing with this principle

Base: Respondents who disagree (6*)

*Caution should be taken interpreting these results due to small base numbers. Showing responses from 1% of the total sample

  • Not feeling there are benefits to the everyday life of Portsmouth residents
  • Concern about how this would be implemented, for example, whether maintenance of flora would be halted allowing weeds to grow in ‘wildflower’ areas
  • Not feeling it should be a top priority
  • Concern about how effective this protection would be


Key quotes from respondents

“Not if it’s an excuse to tear out flowers and let weeds grow and call it wild flowers.”

“I don’t see any benefit added to the daily life.”

“Due to some mindless vandals scraping off the bark of them young trees which now have cages around them.”

“Your focus should be on ensuring outdoor leisure space for everyone.”

“Lake Road meadow planting is beautiful but the wildflower planting on old commercial road and all saints road on the way to Charles Dickens birthplace is unsuccessful very scruffy and looks like a load of old weeds (formerly it was mown grass slope which was dull but smart). Currently the space feels less safe and like wasteland rather than the walking and cycling route to a significant landmark.”