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  • There is good representation for age groups between 35 and 74, with just over a quarter of respondents aged between 55-64 or 65-74. Less than 10% of respondents are under 35 or over the age of 75. These figures are consistent with social research, where individuals aged 45+ are more inclined to interact with public consultations
  • A good mix of males and females was achieved in the consultation sample; there are more females achieving a majority of 60%

What is your age group?

Base: Total sample (504)

This chart shows that:
Less than 1% of respondents are under 18
1% are aged 18-24
6% are aged 25-34
14% are aged 35-44
18% are aged 45-54
27% are aged 55-64
26% are aged 65-74
8% are aged 75 and over

What is your sex?

Base: Total sample (500)

This chart shows that:
40% of respondents are male
60% of respondents are female
Less than 1% are intersex
Less than 1% prefer to self-describe