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  • Businesses responded that they would most like to see greening – plants and trees (77%) and public benches (54%) along Palmerston road; this mirrors the additional improvements favoured by the overall sample on this road
  • Other suggested improvements include opening up the road one way between 7pm to 7am, making more of an even road surface and improving signage of the area

In the future, what additional improvements would you like to be considered along Palmerston Road?

This chart summarises what additional improvements business respondents would like to see along Palmerston Road. The most popular suggested improvement is to have greening – plants and trees (77%).

Base: Total businesses (13*) | *Caution small base

Further comments

Base: Businesses who gave further comments (4*) | *Caution small base

wdt_ID Further comments %
1 Positive impact on the environment 50
2 Great success overall 50
3 Access issues 25

Some businesses have said:

“I believe it was a great success and has positively affected loads of businesses not only on Palmerston Road but on adjacent roads.”

“It will make the area in question an environmentally friendly amenity.”

“There have been several lorries come down Palmerston Road and cannot drive through, causing a build up of vehicles exiting Auckland Road West and vehicles trying to turn round.”