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All respondents were asked if they had any further comments about the draft vision. The most common themes to come from the comments are that:

  • The vision needs to take all modes of transport into consideration, not just walking and cycling. Many respondents feel that by prioritising walking and cycling, it ignores the mode of transport that the majority of respondents use to carry out their daily lives (car or van) and therefore discourages the majority of people in Portsmouth to adopt the vison
  • Respondents feel that there needs to be a cultural shift. This would create a behaviour change. They feel that this may take longer than 16 years, and that the vision timeline may be too ambitious
  • Better and cheaper alternatives to using a car or van must be provided, such as well-connected bus routes that are affordable
  • More incentives should be offered for families and businesses to switch to electric cars or vans
  • Many respondents support the vision and are hopeful it would create a greener city and overall contribute to a cleaner environment. However, some respondents are concerned about the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, especially during winter.  They’re also worried that cars, pedestrians and cyclists may have to share road space if the number of vehicles in Portsmouth doesn’t go down