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Base: Total sample (199)

Respondents were asked if they felt anything was missed under the ‘Supporting businesses and protecting our assets’ objective. The most common suggestions of what’s missing are that:

  • There should be specific mention of supporting smaller businesses and the local high-street shops. Some respondents feel that the current policies focuses on larger companies with delivery vans, and that some of the policies may not be achievable for smaller businesses
  • Restrictions and charges may drive smaller businesses out of Portsmouth. Some respondents were also concerned that self-employed delivery drivers (such as Deliveroo drivers) may not be able to afford additional charges, and that they’d need extra help to buy lower emission vehicles
  • There needs to be a policy specifically for making businesses greener and cleaner. Respondents suggested that green incentives could be offered to businesses in the planning application stages. These could include rewards for using solar energy or offering a contribution towards a fleet of greener vehicles