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The most common themes that came up from the further comments are that:

  • All modes of transport should be considered. In particular, respondents feel the focus of the LTP4 is mostly on walking and cycling with not enough mention of cars, vans and e-scooters. On the other hand, many respondents have asked for a lower number of cars allowed per household, to cut down the use of cars in the city. Respondents feel this is implied in the strategy, but they would like to see a particular action for it
  • The long term impacts of Covid-19 should be considered and incorporated in the plan. Particularly, respondents mentioned that residents need to be reassured that public transport is safe to use, and that the risk of getting Covid-19 has been minimised
  • Public transport needs to be more accessible. Specifically, respondents would like:
    • more bus stops added closer to residents homes
    • bus stops linking to other forms of transport (such as cycle routes, walking routes and train stations)
    • facilities such as cycle storage
  • An overall South Hampshire tram network connecting Portsmouth to neighbouring towns should be considered. There were suggestions that several local authorities could work together and pool resources to create this network
  • The plan should be praised for taking actions to make the city greener. Many asked for the council to ‘think big’ but apply common sense when implementing the strategy