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Conclusions and next steps based on the consultation
  • Despite the large number of respondents travelling by foot or by bicycle, there is a clear need for improvement to the network for both modes of transport. Any scheme designs that are brought forward from the LCWIP will be done so with engagement of all relevant stakeholders.
  • Although the majority of respondents felt that the proposals outlined in the document would promote safe walking or cycling, there was not a majority of respondents who felt that this would encourage them to cycle or walk more. This will work alongside behaviour change initiatives to provide an alternative means of promoting walking and cycling to residents and visitors in Portsmouth.
  • The walking and cycling network in Portsmouth should be developed in order to encourage active travel, and promote modal shift. As such, clarity over the types of improvements listed in the LCWIP should be given to show that they reflect the latest available guidance.
  • Work has already been carried out looking at a secondary and tertiary network of walking and cycling networks, which do highlight the expectations of several respondents for further walking and cycling routes in the city.
  • In order to progress the LCWIP, the responses to the consultation will be reviewed and considered for inclusion before this is taken for formal adoption by committee in 2021.