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  • Social media groups are the most frequently used space for respondents to access LGBTQ+ relevant content or support (46%)
  • The most frequently used/followed individual organisation is Queer All Year (33%)
  • ‘Other’ spaces mentioned include school groups and other Portsmouth Pride groups

Do you access any other (non-council) LGBTQ+ support, spaces or activities in the Portsmouth area or online?

Base: Total sample (72)

This chart shows that:
46% of respondents access LGBTQ+ social media groups
33% of respondents access Queer All Year
32% access LGBTQ+ online content
15% access Portsmouth Pride Youth Society
14% access Kooth, an online counselling and wellbeing app
3% access Ready2Shine
3% access Beyond Reflections (formerly Chrysalis)
1% access Y Services
15% access other LGBTQ+ support, services or activities
36% don’t access any of these

This table shows other support, spaces or activities respondents access in the Portsmouth area or online:
Contact Counselling
School Diversity and Inclusion groups
School LGBT group
Vinyl Lounge
Portsmouth Pride events
Portsmouth Pride Trust

wdt_ID Other spaces
1 Contact Counselling
2 School Diversity & Inclusion groups
3 School LGBT group
4 Vinyl Lounge
5 Portsmouth Pride events
6 Portsmouth Pride Trust