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  • There is a high level of agreement, with the majority of respondents agreeing in some capacity across all statements
  • Around a fifth of respondents show disagreement with the statements regarding Anchorage Road and Robinson Way

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements about Anchorage Road and Robinson Way?

This chart shows that:
For “They need to be safer for cyclists” 44% of respondents strongly agree, 25% agree, 13% neither agree nor disagree, 7% disagree, and 11% strongly disagree
For “They need to be safer people walking” 35.5% of respondents strongly agree, 25.5% agree, 21% neither agree nor disagree, 11% disagree, and 7% strongly disagree
For “The footpaths need to be wider” 32% of respondents strongly agree, 29% agree, 19% neither agree nor disagree, 12% disagree, and 8% strongly disagree
For “It is difficult to cross them safely” 26% of respondents strongly agree, 25% agree, 26% neither agree nor disagree, 13% disagree, and 10% strongly disagree

Base: Total sample: From top to bottom (337, 330, 326, 323)