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  • The main reasons visitors want to keep the road closed are because it is safer for walking and cycling (38%) and to retain the better atmosphere created by the closure (36%)
  • The reduction in traffic was also popular (16%), in a similar vein the positive impact on the environment (i.e. improved air quality and reduction in pollution) were cited (15%) as was the fact that the road is not essential for vehicles (i.e. there are other routes available) (14%)

Why do you feel this way?

Base: Visitors wanting the road to remain closed (480)

This table shows the main reasons describing why visitors want the road to remain closed.

wdt_ID Why do you feel this way? %
1 Safer for walking / cycling 38
2 Better atmosphere / nicer place 36
3 Less traffic 16
4 Environmental impact 15
5 Other routes for cars / not essential 14
6 Works well / like it 10
7 Good for local business 7
8 Outside eating / drinking 6
9 More accessible 2
10 Other 6

Some visitors have said:

“It is much safer to cycle/walk down. Before it was closed it was hazardous to cycle down with two-way traffic, deliveries, school children.”

“There are suitable alternative routes for vehicles.  It makes visiting the area a much more pleasant experience.”

“It is so much more pleasant and safe. Air quality is a major issue in Portsmouth so the more traffic free roads there are the better.”

“I think the road being closed will continue to greater enhance the commercial vibrancy of the street and make it more of a destination area. It is a really pleasant place to visit now.”