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  • Of those who left a further comment more routes and more frequent buses was the most popular mention (7%)
  • 3% of respondents repeated their request to have more RTI boards with more accurate information
  • 3% were generally positive about changes already made to bus stops in Portsmouth and the bus service in the city overall

Do you have any other comments you would like to make about bus stops in Portsmouth?

Base: Total sample (1,080)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage of respondents (%)
1 More frequent buses / more routes esepcially Ocean Park, Mountbatten Centre, QA Hospital, Port Solent 7
2 Accurate RTI / QR Codes at more/all stops 3
3 Generally positive 3
4 Reliable buses 2
5 More info e.g. at stops and highlighting changes/closed stops, which side of the road to stand, better naming of stops, eligibility info for OAPs 2
6 More/better seating in shelters 2
7 Cleaner / well maintained shelters e.g. prompt repairs, daily cleaning 2
8 Ticketing issues e.g. unfair, too expensive, confusing 2
9 No smoking or vaping signs. Enforcement against ASB in or around stops 1
10 Green initiatives e.g. living roof, solar panels, induction charging for e-buses, turning lights off at stops after last bus 1
11 Accessibility issues e.g. no space for pushchair, mobility scooter, bus pulls in too far away from stop 1
12 More shelters 1
13 Safety e.g. CCTV, don't feel safe at night, emergency button 1
14 Drivers rude or unhelpful e.g. not waiting until you're seated, missing stops, not helping with accessibility issues 1
15 Use materials other than glass e.g. perspex 1
16 Better info at stops i.e. not behind where people are sitting, unlit, inaccurate, font too small 1
17 More enclosed shelters or shelters better orientated 1
18 Reposition bus shelter e.g. better shelter, stop blocking pavement, ensure clear line of sight 1
19 Larger shelters on busy routes 1
20 Better lighting 1
21 Other e.g. metal bus shelters, paint them in Portsmouth colours, litter bins, no super bus stops, more bus lanes, hotline or easy way to report issues or vandalism 3
22 No response / na 71