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  • 13% of respondents express general praise for the site plan
  • Some respondents raise concerns over parking, such as being too far from the building, or suggesting provisions for bikes and rental e-scooters

Do you have any comments to make about the site plan?

Base: Total sample (869)

This table shows that:
13% of respondents have general praise for the site plan
11% have parking concerns, such as the parking being too far from the building or GP, wanting provisions for bikes, or wanting Voi e-scooter hubs
8% mention the impact on the local area, such as parking and road safety
5% feel the swimming pool is the most important part, should be bigger, or should include a kid’s ‘fun’ element
4% express support for the GP surgery
4% mention the children’s playground, such as being concerned over its smaller size and/or its location
4% mention environment or sustainability, such as the loss of green space or wanting to keep greenery in this location
4% mention inclusivity and accessibility, such as for those with disabilities, the cost (especially for locals), and the lighting outside
4% mention the courts and pitches, such as only having 2 badminton courts, wanting adequate sport pitches like football pitches provided, or to ensure they are free and/or available for hire
3% have issues with the location/ facilities, such as them not being big enough, or feeling Eastney centre should be developed instead
3% comment on the building, such as suggesting there should be a community space, merging with the current community centre, or ensuring it has a pleasing appearance
2% suggest moving or removing the model railway
5% leave other comments
52% did not leave a comment

wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 General praise for site plan 13
2 Parking concerns – too far from building/GP, provisions for bikes, Voi e-scooter hubs 11
3 Impact on local area - parking, road safety 8
4 Swimming pool is most important part/ should be bigger/ include kid’s ‘fun’ elements 5
5 Support for GP surgery 4
6 Children’s playground – concern over smaller size, location 4
7 Environment/ sustainability – loss of green space, keep greenery 4
8 Inclusivity/ accessibility – for those with disabilities, cost (for locals), lighting outside 4
9 Against proposal, or particular elements (e.g. GP surgery) 4
10 Courts and pitches – only 2 badminton courts, provide adequate sport pitches (e.g. football), ensure free and/or available for hire 4
11 Issue with location/ facilities – not big enough, should develop Eastney centre instead 3
12 Building – have community space, merge with current community centre, ensure pleasing appearance 3
13 Move or remove model railway 2
14 Other 5
15 No comment 52

Key quotes from respondents

Looks good with a wide range of facilities to suit all ages / needs whilst retaining many of the original features / having a minimal effect on the green space.”

“I don’t think there is enough parking and it is quite a long way from the site. So this will force cars onto the nearby roads causing parking issues for residents.”

“Great plan, well listened to the community and well thought out […] Provision of secure bike sheds, or cycle/scooter docks could discourage driving.”

“Surely it could be bigger – a swimming pool with only four lanes; just two indoor courts – how will it cope with demands?”