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Do you have any comments to make about the artistic impressions?

Base: Total sample (859)

This table shows comments about the artistic impressions:
8% of respondents feel that the architecture or building design is ugly, dull, or uncreative
6% of respondents give general praise or like the design, such as feeling it is modern, or blends well into the environment
3% would like consideration to be given to the building design, for example, using natural materials, ensuring it is long-lasting and sustainable, or ensuring it fits the local environment and aesthetic
3% feel the design lacks context of the surrounding area, for example, the housing and housing aesthetics, or feel it is difficult to determine the impact as a result
3% feel the design is a bit unclear, lacks details, or is idealistic/unrealistic
2% would like the council to prioritise sustainability and the environment, greenery, and/or open spaces
2% feel the scale is unrealistic, misleading, or confusing
2% give other comments
75% left no relevant comments

wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 The architecture/ building design is dull/ ugly/ uncreative 8
2 General praise/ like the design (e.g. feel it is modern, blends into environment well) 6
3 Consideration of building design (e.g. use natural materials, ensure it’s long-lasting and sustainable, fits local environment and aesthetic) 3
4 Design lacks context of surrounding area (e.g. housing and housing aesthetics, difficult to determine impact) 3
5 Design is a bit unclear, lacking detail or idealistic/ unrealistic 3
6 Prioritise sustainability and the environment/ greenery/ open spaces 2
7 Scale is unrealistic, misleading, or confusing 2
8 Other 2
9 No relevant comment 75
Key quotes from respondents

“It’s very grey. Eastney is a very vibrant community and it would be nice if this was reflected in the colour palette of the building. A mural designed by a local artist would add so much character to the building.”

“Take a look at the ravelin centre! The Scandinavian style and use of recycled and renewable materials are timeless! Anything with natural woods and natural/cream stone will be aesthetically pleasing to the surroundings.”

“Some context to show how the building integrates with it’s immediate surroundings would be good and the site plan could be better presented.”