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Aims of additional HMO licensing

Respondents were asked to what extent they agree or disagree that licensing will help to achieve the five aims of the proposed schemes. These are as follows:

Aim 1: To protect private rented tenants of HMOs from poorly managed and maintained properties

Aim 2: To effectively regulate HMOs in the private rented sector by identifying an individual responsible for the management and conditions of the property, ensuring consistency of standards across the city for HMOs in the private rented sector

Aim 3: To drive up housing standards in properties where there is poor management, need for repairs, amenity and safety issues

Aim 4: To enable council officers to utilise enforcement powers effectively to significantly drive up housing standards, housing management and the wellbeing of tenants in high risk properties

Aim 5: To support good landlords to operate within the area and make it easier to identify and enforce against rogue landlords