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  • Just over a fifth of respondents who would make some changes to the proposal would like more speed humps along the road or would like cyclists to be considered in the design (22%); 17% would like the speed humps somewhere else
  • Respondents also suggest having alternative traffic calming enforcement such as speed cameras or pinch points (13%)

*Caution should be taken interpreting these results due to a small base

Why do you agree - but with some changes with bicycles being able to travel in both directions on the Bramble/Talbot Road one-way system?

Base: Respondents who agree, but with some changes – total sample (23*) | Residents of Bramble, Shanklin, Ventnor, and Talbot Roads (4*) *Caution small base

This chart shows why respondents agree, but with some changes, to the traffic calming on Talbot Road:
22% of the total sample and 25% of impacted residents want more along the road
22% of total respondents think cyclists should be considered in the design
17% of total respondents would like it somewhere else
13% of total respondents think the road needs other traffic calming enforcement, such as speed cameras and pinch points
26% of total respondents and 75% of impacted residents agree but with some changes for other reasons

This table shows other reasons why respondents agree, but with some changes, to the traffic calming on Talbot Road:
They feel it shouldn’t be needed if the road is one-way
They feel it depends on their placement
They think parking needs to be removed at the humps

wdt_ID Responses for 'other'
1 Shouldn’t be needed if one-way
2 Depends on placement
3 Need to remove parking at humps


Key quotes from impacted residents

“All depends on where the speed bumps are placed.”

“I agree we need the humps especially if it was one way the whole way down the road. I’m not a fan due to health issues however if they have to be implemented I don’t feel 2 will be enough of a deterrent to some drivers who would use them as a challenge.”

“Do we need if going to be one way?”