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  • Over half of respondents think more ‘support in life skills’ would make a difference to them (58%),  closely followed by ‘talking to people’ (51%)
  • There is also a desire for help when ‘traveling on public transport’ (45%), and ‘more help with my learning’ (43%)
  • Approximately a third of respondents feel that ‘recognising when I need time alone’ (35%), ‘access to information on healthy relationships’ (34%), and ‘access to sporting activities’ (31%) are important, with just over a quarter wanting ‘access to information on sexual advice’ (26%)
  • Nearly a fifth of respondents stated that they wanted ‘other’ help (17%); with the most common comments indicating a desire for  help in socialising and communication (6%)

What help do you think could make a difference to you?

Base: Total sample (251)

This chart shows that when asked about what help respondents think could make a difference to them
58% of respondents say support in life skills
52% say support in talking to people
45% say support with travelling on public transport
43% say more support to help with their learning
35% say support to help them to recognise when they need time alone
34% say access to information on healthy relationships
31% say access to sporting activities
26% say access to information on sexual advice
10% say support with mobility
6% say extra help with their hearing
5% say extra help with their sight
17% say other things

Common themes from respondents who chose 'Other' for 'What help do you think could make a difference to you?'

Base: Total sample (280)

This table shows that of those who say other ways of support would make a difference to them
6% of respondents say support with communication and socialising i.e helping to make friends and easing of social anxiety
3% say support with mental health and wellbeing i.e help with general anxiety and confidence
2% say support with career related themes such as having more employment and volunteering opportunities
2% say support with breaking down information such as filling in forms and understanding medical information
2% say access to more activities, free events and or holidays
1% say that their school or college help enough
2% say other

wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)