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  • Key themes are the ‘lack of cars’ during the trial (12%), that the street is ‘away from a main road’ (11%), that the street is ‘quiet’ (10%), and the available ‘space on pavements / roads’ (8%)
  • Across most of the comments received there is a sense that the factors respondents like about their school street contribute to a sense of safety, which was either present before or improved by the trial
  • This is especially true for Bramble as although there are only very few comments regarding this school specifically, they reference positive changes to the school street since the trial was launched

What respondents like about the street their school is on

Base: Total sample (91)

This table shows the key themes of what respondents like about the street their school is on: 12% said a lack of cars, 11% said away from a main road, 10% said quiet, 8% said space on pavements, 3% said other, and 63% made no comment

wdt_ID Themes Percentage (%)
1 Lack of cars due to trial 12
2 Away from a main road (i.e. side street) 11
3 Quiet 10
4 Space on pavements / roads 8
5 Other 3
6 No comment 63

Respondents' positive comments about the street their school is on

“It is a residential side street with relatively low traffic (outside of school drop off).”

“It’s a very pleasant residential road and is a much better and safer environment without cars circulating amongst children and parents/guardians at what become ridiculously busy times of the day.”

“The children could hear the birds in the street. It gave us a better opportunity to talk (develop language etc) rather than everyone squeezing on to pavements and looking out for traffic.”