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  • The main reason respondents have for disliking their school’s street is due to ‘issues with cars’ (21%), namely problems with speeding, parking, or congestion
  • Many of the issues raised by respondents are tied to school drop of and pick up times, which indicates to this being a crucial timing for users of the school’s street
  • There is also a running theme with respondents feeling that these issues make the street more dangerous

What respondents dislike about the street their school is on

Base: Total sample (91)

This table shows what respondents dislike about the street their school is on: 21% said issues with cars, 12% said lack of space / visibility, 12% said negative behaviour of residents / parents / other street users, 4% said other and, 64% made no comment

wdt_ID Themes Percentage (%)

Respondents' negative comments about the street their school is on

“In normal times it is very busy, very little visibility along it for crossing. People can be aggressive in their cars, I worry about my very young child being near the road side of the path”

“Once the scheme has finished it has reverted to how it used to be with the volume of street traffic and pollution. This scheme needs to be an enduring commitment from the City Council in making it green to go to school.”

“Tight small roads which are dangerous with school traffic. Pavements are very small and thin – two people wide – so people need to overtake in the road. Pavements and roads are very busy at pick up and drop off.”