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  • Just over a quarter of respondents are supportive of the scheme (26%), praising the trial for improving safety and requesting that the trial be made permanent
  • A small proportion of respondents report that street congestion has returned since the trial ended (4%), and use this to support re-instating the trial
  • One in ten respondents give a recommendation or suggestion (11%); suggestions primarily focus on volunteers, with respondents feeling that they should be supported more
  • A small proportion of respondents are unsupportive of the scheme (7%), stating that the scheme is unfair to working parents who rely on their cars or citing confusion about the road closures
  • Some respondents also feel that the scheme has had a negative effect on the surrounding streets (4%), moving the parking issue and congestion onto these areas rather than address the underlying issue

Further comments regarding the School Streets scheme trial

Base: Total sample (91)

This table shows themes from further comments regarding the school streets scheme trial:
26% were supportive of the scheme, 11% had recommendations for change / improvements should the scheme continue, 7% were unsupportive of the scheme, 4% were concerned about the impact on other streets, 4% said street congestion had returned since the trial ended, 4% made other comments, and 54% made no further comments

wdt_ID Theme Percentage (%)
1 Supportive of scheme 26
2 Recommendations for change / improvements should scheme continue 11
3 Unsupportive of scheme 7
4 Concerned about impact on other streets 4
5 Street congestion has returned since trial ended 4
6 Other 4
7 No further comments 54