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  • The most common responses are ‘complaints regarding the app functionality’ (9%), with respondents stating that they found the app unreliable, not user friendly, and prone to technical issues
  • Some respondents are supportive of the app (5%), stating that their children enjoyed the app and that it encouraged positive change
  • Other respondents who report that the ‘app is not relevant to them’ (4%) or they are outright critical of the app (3%); stating the app did not change their behaviour, either due to their travel methods being unable to change or their children being too young to use the app independently

Further comments regarding the Pompey Monster Stomp to School app

Base: Total sample (91)

This table shows further comments regarding the Pompey Monster Stomp to School app:
9% had a complaint regarding app functionality, 5% were supportive of the app, 4% said the app was not relevant to them, 2% were critical of the app, and 81% made no further comments

wdt_ID Theme Percentage (%)
1 Complaint regarding app functionality 9
2 Supportive of app 5
3 App not relevant to me 4
4 Critical of app 2
5 No further comments 81

Respondents' further comments regarding the Pompey Monster Stomp to School app

“The app had a few issues and stopped me being able to log in via Facebook a few weeks into the challenge…I didn’t have the time to resolve it but overall it did encourage the children to walk more rather than try to hop on the buggy.”

“I have said we wouldn’t keep using it but that is mostly because walking is our only practical method to get to school so it wouldn’t change anything. It was also time consuming to record walks on it.”

“The children have really enjoyed it despite not really changing our walking habits – this is because we already avoid the streets immediately close to the school for safety.”

“It has been very motivating for some children who also have to walk their siblings to their junior schools.”

“Would it be better to spend the app money on long term enforcement of the school street? Signage etc?”