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  • All year groups are represented within the child sample size for St Jude’s
  • The least represented year group for St Jude’s is ‘Year 6’ with 6% of children represented within the survey falling into this category; just under half of children are in ‘Year R’ to ‘Year 2’ (47%)
  • As Bramble is an infant school the oldest year group applicable for this cohort is ‘Year 2’
  • Half of children attending Bramble within the survey are in ‘Year R’, with over a third in ‘Year 1’ (38%), and 13% in ‘Year 2’

An asterisk (*) indicates a small base size, caution should be taken when interpreting the results

Proportion of children by year group (St Jude's)

Base: Children attending St Jude’s (100)

This chart shows that for St Jude school: 6% of children are in Year 6, 14% are in Year 5, 12% are in Year 4, 21% are in Year 3, 10% are in Year 2, 26% are in Year 1, 11% are in Year R

Number of children in year groups (Bramble)

Base: Children attending Bramble (16*) | *Caution small base

This chart shows that for Bramble school: 13% are in Year 2, 38% are in Year 1, 50% are in Year R