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  • Over a third of parents report that something makes it harder for their children to walk, cycle, or scoot / skate on the street their school is on (38%)
  • This increases to 42% of parents for St Jude’s but drops to less than a fifth of parents for Bramble (17%)
  • Nearly three-quarters of respondents that indicate an issue report that the problem is ‘car related’ (74%), which includes issues with parking, traffic congestions, or speeding
  • Nearly a third of respondents report that the ‘pavements are too small or crowded’ for them to use (30%)
  • With both themes there is a commonality with parents feeling that the issues are worse at school ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’ times and that they feel these issues endanger the safety of the route to school

An asterisk (*) indicates a small base size, caution should be taken when interpreting the results

Is there anything that makes it harder for you / your children to walk, cycle, or scoot / skate along the school street? (by school)

Base: Total sample (78) | St Jude’s (66) | Bramble (12*) | *Caution small base

This chart shows that in terms of something making it harder for respondents to travel along the school street
For the total sample; 38% say yes; 53% say no; and 9% are not sure
For the St Jude school cohort 42% say yes; 48% say no; and 9% are not sure
For the Bramble school cohort 17% say yes; 75% say no; and 8% are not sure

Reasons for hardship when walking, cycling or scoot/ skating along the school street

Base: Parents who reported that something is negatively impacting their route to school (27*) | *Caution small base

This table shows that for respondents who report that something is making it harder for them to travel along the school street
74% state it is car related (parking, traffic, speed, drop off/pick up, etc)
30% state it is due to too small pavements / unable to access pavement
15% state it is the distance to the school
11% state other

wdt_ID Theme Percentage (%)