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  • The main positive for those who said their travel method had changed is the enhanced feeling of safety, particularly crossing the street(s) immediately by the school entrance(s)
  • Respondents also commented on the less stressful, calmer environment created during the trial

Further comments on the school run experience (wave 3 only)

Base: All those who said their method of travel had changed since the trial started. Wave 3: King’s Academy College Park (23*). *Caution: low base

I like the fact we can cross the road by the school.   When I have my pushchair parents would block crossings making it very hard to safely get across the road

Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff giving up their time to make the streets safer for the children. I’m sorry for all the negative attitudes/shouting you have had to endure by aggressive car drivers who want to get as close as they can/driving that way to work at school rush time! Thank you!

It feels calm and friendly rather than rushed with inconsiderate drivers and parking taking place

It’s definitely more enjoyable

Since School Streets started our journey to school or should I say all children’s journeys is a lot safer seeing the barriers up is a relief every day and I think it should 100% continue.  A lot of parents, or people on the school drop off or pick up have no regard for safety. Even last week when the road wasn’t closed due to staff shortages people still parked in the zigzags outside school and on the yellow lines when the crossing patrol are making it unsafe for crossing.  Children seem so much happier crossing the road especially outside the school.  If it doesn’t continue there needs to be cones placed on the zigzags outside the school to stop parents or people on the pick up or drop off parking there.  It’s so frustrating to see.  There was some build up of traffic but that isn’t due to the roads closing it’s due to some people still driving as close to the school to park, due to laziness.

It is far less busy in terms of traffic making it much safer to cross even without traffic crossing patrols

I really like it

First of all I wasn’t taking the survey but realised its finishing this week and thought I should definitely let you know what I think. I completely understand it would have been troublesome for some people including residents and parents but for most of us it has been an amazing experience. I have marked it took me longer to get to school which as much as it is true, the real reason behind it is that I can park my car a bit further away and enjoy the walk with my kids. It only takes longer due to a bit of traffic jam around the school streets which if I consider the safety this trial has been providing I wouldn’t mind at all.  I would love for this to stay on so my kids can walk and scoot freely along with a lot of other parents and children who have loved this trial. Thank you so much for this and I will continue to do this, park away and walk to school even if the roads are not closed.

I have enjoyed the school roads being closed and it makes the journey immediately outside the school less stressful, which is always really busy with people. The knowledge that we don’t need to worry about cars is very good. Unfortunately I think the surrounding streets have been busier and to some extend the problem has just moved. I think the lack of consistency of the road closures has also been difficult but I do appreciate finding people to volunteer to do this has been a challenge. I don’t think it has worked well that the school streets has coincided with the loss of the lollipop man on Kirby road which has been more congested.