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  • The main negative mentioned by respondents is the increased congestion and even grid lock on the surrounding streets. This has the combined effect of being less safe for pedestrians, and also frustrating drivers who need to get to work or to other destinations on time

Further comments on the school run experience (wave 3 only)

Base: All those who said their method of travel had changed since the trial started. Wave 3: King’s Academy College Park (23*). *Caution: low base

The traffic build up is ridiculous around the school now, much worse than before. I walked as much as I could, however when the rain was awful or I had to be somewhere straight from school run / pick up it made it very difficult to be there on time. We aimed to leave earlier in the mornings to get to school but the road closures meant more traffic

I thought this was going to be a good idea but now when trying to cross on kirby Road a lot of car drivers are getting impatient with each other, beeping, swearing, not indicating etc.. I  really couldn’t let my son travel to school on his own, its just not safe to do so. Especially on rainy wet days, the traffic increases and on these days when it’s probably needed most, the scheme doesn’t go ahead? Also I would like to add, there’s several parents that seem to think that if the road is closed- that means it’s OK to walk straight down the middle of the road with their children without a care in the world! So if the scheme finishes those children won’t know any different unless they’re told so.

We occasionally have to drive and it’s been a nightmare! When we walk it’s also been more dangerous because of the traffic build up. Roads have been gridlocked and hard to cross

I must drive to the school as I have 3 different child drop offs to do. The stress not being able to park near the school is insane & the gridlock is unbelievable- makes me very anxious. The journey has been worse since this happened

I feel that it has made the area less safe. Yes the roads surrounding the school is probably safer as no cars but the traffic is so much worse around Stubbington Avenue and Kirby Road

Waste of time causes more traffic issues and more stress than needed

I think it’s a lovely idea, however the practicality of it doesn’t seem to be working. We usually walk however a change or circumstance has meant that we need to use a vehicle at the start and end of each day temporarily. There have been multiple occasions where we have been sat in gridlocked traffic in the surrounding roads of the school since the experiment began. I have seen drivers and parents getting frustrated with each other in their cars in front of the children. We will be back to walking soon however walking isn’t feasible for all families, some who work and have other commitments they need to get to after drop off. The morning can be a rush, usually no matter how early you seem to get up and ready for most families and I feel it’s added extra palaver to that morning rush. I thought it may be an idea to facilitate a safe drop off in the mornings although the logistics of this probably wouldn’t work just feel it makes more sense than to block the road off.