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  • Heavy traffic and congestion, combined with irresponsible or illegal parking are the most frequently mentioned factors in making it hard to use active travel for the school run at King’s Academy College Park
  • General dangerous driving, and frequently, the related problem of not being able to cross the road safely are also important concerns for respondents at this school
  • Dog poo seems to be a further inconvenience on the streets around King’s Academy College Park, mentioned by 10% of respondents

*question wording changed for wave 3 to “In general terms (i.e. not just during the School Street trial) is there anything that makes it harder for you or for children to walk, cycle, or scoot, specifically along the street the school is on?”

Reasons for hardship when walking, cycling or scoot/ skating along the school street (wave 3*)

Base: respondents who reported that something is negatively impacting their school street (77)

This table shows reasons for hardship when travelling along the school street for wave 3 respondents:
45% feel there is congestion/heavy traffic on the school street and surrounding streets
30% feel there are cars parked illegally/ improperly
25% feel there are unobservant/ dangerous drivers (e.g. speeding, reversing, pulling out, etc.)
25% feel they have difficulty safely crossing the street
13% feel they have issues/ lack of time due to work or child attending different school
10% feel there are dirty pavements e.g. dog poo
8% feel another reason makes travelling along the school street difficult
5% feel the pavements/ streets are narrow
4% feel they live too far away to walk/ are unable to walk due to health
4% feel there is rudeness/ verbal abuse

wdt_ID Reason for hardship %
1 Congestion/ heavy traffic on school street and surrounding roads 45
2 Cars parked illegally/improperly 30
3 Unobservant/dangerous drivers (e.g. speeding, reversing, pulling out, etc.) 25
4 Difficulty safely crossing street 25
5 Issues/lack of time due to work or child attending different school 13
6 Dirty pavements e.g. dog poo 10
7 Other 8
8 Narrow streets/pavement 5
9 Live too far away to walk/unable to walk due to health 4
10 Rudeness/verbal abuse 4

The crossing opposite the school often has cars parked or with hazards on blocking the drop curb making it impossible to cross with a push chair and difficult with scooters or bike and more dangerous to see cars coming down the road. Better signage needed. The crossing of stubbington avenue to crofton rd has no crossing guard but there are TWO further up on the Lyndhurst end. Cars on that road are often so preoccupied with getting past each other and shouting and swearing at each other that they are not looking out for children trying to cross. The road should be one way with speed bumps

The amount of cars going down the road and stopping right outside of the school and kicking their children out. The amount of dog poo that is all round the roads near school. It is disgusting.

When School Streets was running, all other roads became dangerous to cross and the roads became jammed. I and my grandchild witnessed anger and swearing from car drivers to other car drivers. It was dreadful in the other roads. I noticed hostility towards the lollipop man and how he struggled to find gaps in the road to cross children over. Often this involved crossing around cars in a zigzag rather than a straight line.