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  • The most common theme is that the street is safer and calmer with fewer cars or no cars on the road
  • Note, most of the 20% n/a comments were actually ‘dislikes’

*question wording changed from previous waves. Wording for waves 1 and 2 was “What, if anything, do you like about the street the school is on?”

What respondents like about the street their school is on during the trial* (King’s Academy College Park)

Base: Total sample (178)

This table shows the most common themes around what respondents like about King’s Academy College Park’s school street during the trial:
20% like that it is safer
14% like that there are fewer cars/ it is less congested
11% like that it is calmer/ has a quieter environment
6% like that it is easier to cross e.g. marked crossings, lollipop man, member of staff
4% like that it is positive generally
2% like the one-way road system
2% like that there is cleaner air/ less engine idling
2% give other comments
20% give comments that are n/a
46% give no comment

wdt_ID Themes %
1 Safer 20
2 Fewer cars/ less congested 14
3 Calmer/ quieter environment 11
4 Easier to cross e.g. marked crossings, lollipop man, member of staff 6
5 Positive generally 4
6 One-way road system 2
7 Cleaner air/ less engine idling 2
8 Other comments 2
9 N/A 20
10 No comment 46

I have loved the school streets trial. We live opposite the school and previously there were cars parked with their engines idling outside our house for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour at pickup time. It was also dangerous to cross the road with a pushchair and small child on a scooter. Now it is so calm and safe during the school streets trial.

It feels less stressful, much safer and easier to get my child to and from school

I’m more relaxed and can chat easier to my son without the noise and congestion  of cars in the school street

The one way system has been great and knowing the children can safely cross the road  without the worry of speeding cars or cars on the zig zags makes it a much nicer environment

It feels so much safer for everyone! And also as a resident it is much calmer and less intimidating

While there are large numbers of people accessing the street to get to school, it feels safer while walking and crossing with children. If it continues I will feel safer about my children starting to practice walking to school by themselves when they are old enough.

My son is no longer coughing as much on the journey. It’s been lovely to see children playing together. There has been a reduction in drivers swearing and shouting at each other as they navigate.