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  • Of those who left further comments (and 70% didn’t) opinion was divided on the success of the scheme. Many feel that it is a good idea in theory but that the practical execution could be better thought out, and the wider context considered more carefully

Further comments regarding the School Streets scheme trial (all waves)

Base: Total sample (396)

This table shows the most common themes around further comments about the School Streets scheme trial across all waves:
26% of respondents are supportive of the scheme
15% of respondents give recommendations for change/ improvements for the scheme
15% of respondents are concerned about the impact on other streets
14% of respondents are unsupportive of the scheme
10% of respondents are concerned about street safety
4% of respondents request pedestrian/ cycling improvements
2% feel street congestion has returned since the trial ended
7% give other comments
1% give a comment that is n/a
70% give no comment

wdt_ID Themes %
1 Supportive of scheme 26
2 Recommendations for change/improvements for scheme 15
3 Concerned about impact on other streets 15
4 Unsupportive of scheme 14
5 Concerned about street safety 10
6 Request pedestrian/cycling improvements 4
7 Streets congestion has returned since trial ended 2
8 Other 7
9 N/A 1
10 No comment 70

I completely understand the point of the scheme but it has made other roads in the area much busier.  Parents are still using their vehicles for the school run and often surrounding roads are at a standstill around school times.  My children do not attend this school but since the scheme has started we have noticed our walk to school has become much more challenging with the increase in traffic.  Trying to cross the junctions of Kensington Road/ Kirby and again Kensington Road/ Stubbington Avenue feels very unsafe at times and driver frustration from the gridlocked roads is evident.  It is only a matter of time before someone is injured on one of the roads surrounding this scheme.

Need more volunteers for it to work or a permanent barrier to come down therefore it not needed to be manned. When the weather is worse, even more reason to keep it going as more people drive in.

I don’t feel this system has helped at all. Children should be encouraged to walk and take exercise daily but this safer streets was shambolic without enough staff or volunteers to continue, it can’t run in bad weather, and when staff are looking after the safer streets they aren’t around for parents if there are other issues