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  • The most common comments are complaints regarding the app functionality (12%), with respondents stating that they found the app unreliable, not user friendly, and prone to technical issues.
  • One in ten comments are regarding a positive experience a user had with the challenge (10%), stating that their children enjoyed the experience, even if they didn’t always understand how the app worked.
  • There are a number of comments regarding issues in receiving keyrings / rewards (8%), with users claiming that either technical issues or a lack of stock meant that their children could not collect their reward.

Further comments regarding the Pompey Monster Stomp to School challenge - all waves

Base: Total sample (78)

This table shows the most common themes around further comments given by respondents about the Pompey Monster Stomp to School challenge:
12% of respondents make complaints regarding app functionality
10% if respondents report a positive experience with/ support for the challenge
8% of respondents are critical of the challenge (i.e. concept, practicality, etc.)
8% of respondents make complaints about keyring/ rewards
6% of respondents make suggestions for improvement
6% if respondents report the challenge did not change behaviour/ not relevant to them
5% of respondents give other comments
54% of respondents give no comment

wdt_ID Themes Percentage (%)
1 Complaint regarding app functionality 12
2 Positive experience with/ supportive of challenge 10
3 Critical of challenge (i.e. concept, practicality, etc.) 8
4 Complaint about keyring/ rewards 8
5 Suggestion for improvement 6
6 Challenge did not change behaviour/ not relevant to me 6
7 Other 5
8 Did not leave comment 54

“It has been very motivating for some children who also have to walk their siblings to their junior schools.”

“The app had a few issues and stopped me being able to log in via Facebook a few weeks into the challenge…I didn’t have the time to resolve it but overall it did encourage the children to walk more rather than try to hop on the buggy”

“Not sure what the benefit of the app and the monster is. Child has not collected a keyring. How eco friendly is it to give them all 6 plastic keyrings anyway?”

“It would be useful and quicker from a user’s point of view to have the option to have a ‘same as yesterday option’ on the app as our journey times are pretty much the same every day.”