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  • Of those who are not ‘very satisfied’ with the service provided by their landlord, around a fifth feel the Housing Service could improve maintenance and repairs (21%), such as ensuring they are completed properly and are more timely
  • 9% each would like improvements to accommodation, such as ensuring it is appropriate/ big enough for the tenant or fixing health issues in the property, or would like help with issues with neighbours, such as anti-social behaviour, drug use, or dog ownership

What could we do better as a Housing Service to support you?

Base: Those who are not ‘very satisfied’ (415)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Improve maintenance and repairs e.g. completed properly, more timely 21
2 Accommodation e.g. more appropriate/ bigger, solve health issues (rats/mice, mould/damp, leaks) 9
3 Help with issues with neighbours e.g. ASB, drugs, dogs 9
4 Improve communications with tenants e.g. be more accessible, trained in things like neurodiversity, listen more, provide updates 8
5 Improve communal areas e.g. issues with tenants drinking/ doing drugs, improve cleaning and appearance 7
6 Quicker and more helpful/ proactive responses/ support 5
7 Feel well supported/ fine as it is 2
8 Rents e.g. make lower, amend how they are collected 1
9 Other 3
10 N/A / No relevant comment 47