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Base: Total sample (355)

Respondents were asked if they felt anything was missed under the delivering cleaner air objective. Some of the common themes mentioned were that:

  • The clean air zone should cover the whole island. Residents feel it will only divert traffic to residential areas of the city
  • More focus should be put on reducing emissions from the port. Respondents believe this is where most of the air pollution comes from in the city. They believe that once this is tackled, it will improve air quality in the city overall
  • There should be more communication about the air quality figures for Portsmouth, so that residents have a target to aim for. Respondents believe this would create a sense of city pride in helping to reduce pollution in Portsmouth
  • Respondents also suggested to prevent students from bringing their cars to the university
  • Another suggestion was to create a new transport system which includes a tram network
  • Many comments mentioned that more green solutions should be found that support the needs of less abled or disabled residents. They feel that at the moment, all the initiatives involve walking or cycling, and are not suited to their needs