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  • Almost two thirds of respondents feel that e-scooters are dangerous (64%), and just over half feel that stricter and stronger enforcement of rules / regulations are needed (51%)
  • Just under a third of respondents feel that there are too many under-aged riders and that younger riders are more dangerous (32%)
  • However, a quarter of respondents said that they like e-scooters / the trial should be kept in place (27%). Just under a quarter of respondents feel that the issues with rental e-scooters are actually due to the riders and how they are being used (23%)
  • ‘Other’ comments included concerns that the trial legitimates the use of private e-scooters, and the degree to which e-scooters are environmentally friendly

Further comments

Base: Wave two (1825)

This table shows the themes identified in the further comments of this survey. 64% of further comments related to the rental e-scooters being dangerous, 51% were requesting stricter and stronger enforcement of rules and regulations. 32% generally related to young people and teenagers. 27% were respondents saying they liked the rental e-scooters and to keep the trial in place. 23% of the further comments expressed that the e-scooters were not the problem, the users and the way they use them are. 14% wanted the e-scooters to be banned. 14% requested better parking options and locations, 3% related to pricings, discounts or travel tickets and 22% of further comments fell into an other category.

wdt_ID Responses %
1 Dangerous 64
2 Stricter and stronger enforcement of rules / regulations needed 51
3 Young people / teenagers 32
4 I like them / keep them 27
5 Scooters not the problem - users are / how they're being used 23
6 They need to be banned 14
7 Better parking options / locations 8
8 Pricing / discounts/ travel tickets 3
9 Other 22

Some residents have said:

“E-scooters need more enforcement in Portsmouth. Every day I see people braking the rules of the rental but I have never see any one stopped by police or any enforcement dealing with the problems they make.”

“The idea is good BUT the high majority of those who use them are reckless and do not use the roads responsibly thus endangering other road users and pedestrians. I see them mainly used as a recreational toy and for what they are intended. Good idea gone very bad and not thought through.”

“As a road user and bus driver I have daily near misses with the riders of e-scooters. They are generally ridden badly, unsafe and with little regard to other road users. There are children using them even the rental ones which shows the rental process is not fool proof.”