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A predominately quantitative online survey was launched on Monday 23 August 2021 and closed on Sunday 19 September 2021.

It was promoted through various marketing and communications channels to maximise consultation engagement:

  • Social media
  • PCC email marketing distribution lists
  • Media release encouraging participation
  • PCC website

This second wave of research follows the launch of a rental e-scooter trial in Portsmouth. Portsmouth City Council, working with Solent Transport, is one of a number of local authorities taking part in a national trial of rental e-scooters. The survey aimed to understand experiences of and views on the rental e-scooter trial which has been running since March 2021.

In total the survey received 3107 responses.

This volume of responses ensures a 95% confidence level with a margin of error of 1.74%, well within acceptable parameters.

Usage and awareness of e-scooters

The shared e-scooter rental trial

Travel choices

Attitudes towards e-scooters

Further comments

Who we engaged with