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  • Just over a third of respondents feel that the rental e-scooters and their use is dangerous (34%), with a further 30% advocating for better training and safety procedures for riders, and stronger regulation of the trial, particularly policing dangerous or underage riders
  • 30% of respondents feel that the use and abuse of the rental e-scooters by riders and young people (such as children) is a problem
  • However, nearly a fifth feel the trial is a good idea and would like it to remain in place, often with some suggested improvements (19%)
  • Smaller proportions feel that riders do not follow the rules of the road (16%), or express issues with private e-scooter use being legitimised through the trial (13%)
  • ‘Other’ comments included suggestions for alternative schemes such as bike schemes, or concerns over the effectiveness of the trial at reducing cars on the road

Further comments

Base: Total sample (1,201)

This table shows that when making further comments regarding the rental e-scooter trial
34% of comments mention that e-scooters are dangerous
30% mention that better regulation of e-scooter use is needed, as well as training and the enforcement of safety procedures
30% mention use and or abuse by riders and young people
19% mention that the trial should be kept and improved
16% mention that riders do not follow the rules of the road
13% mention issues with private e-scooters
10% mention that the trial should be stopped
8% mention that infrastructure should be improved for e-scooters
13% mention other things

wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Dangerous 34
2 Better regulation and training / safety procedures 30
3 Use / abuse by riders / young people 30
4 Keep trial / make improvements 19
5 Riders do not follow rules of the road 16
6 Issues with private e-scooters 13
7 Stop trial 10
8 Improve infrastructure (e.g. safer lanes for e-scooters) 8
9 Other 13

Further comments (quotes from respondents)

“They’re only as safe as the person riding it. They’re too easy for underage to use, and easily abused.  There needs to be more safety and more protection for drivers and pedestrians.”

“Greater guidance around the practical safety use must be given. There are too many unsafe acts with users who don’t follow basic highway code and constantly cause near miss accidents for pedestrians and car drivers. Overall the scheme is a positive one but the volume of near miss incidents is high.”

“The scheme is a great idea and a great way to travel around Portsmouth however better infrastructure is required for scooters and cycling. More parking areas are required as the main barrier to using them more is the time it takes to get to and from a parking area.”