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  • A quarter of respondents are concerned about irresponsible use of the rental e-scooters, particularly by young people who may not hold a licence
  • Just under a fifth would like to see better regulation of rental e-scooters and more enforcement of training and safety procedures (18%), whilst 16% generally feel that e-scooters are dangerous
  • Just over a tenth are unsupportive of the trial and would like to ban e-scooters (11%), however 8% express support for the trial and rental e-scooters.
  • The same proportion are concerned about riders not following the rules of the road, such as running red lights or not stopping at pedestrian crossings (8%)
  • ‘Other’ comments include suggestions to include helmets with the scooters or make them compulsory, lower the speed limit, to allow all e-scooters, or better tackle private ones

Further comments

Base: Total sample (3,254)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Use/ abuse by riders and young people 25
2 Better regulation and more enforcement of training and safety procedures 18
3 E-scooters are dangerous 16
4 Unsupportive of trial/ want to ban e-scooters 11
5 Generally supportive of trial and rental e-scooters 8
6 Riders do not follow rules of the road (e.g. running red lights, pedestrian crossings) 8
7 Riders do not/ should be wearing protective equipment (e.g. helmets, safety vests) 6
8 Rental e-scooters encourage use of private e-scooters 5
9 Improve infrastructure (e.g. safer lanes for e-scooters) 4
10 More or better positioned parking racks needed 3
11 No comment 71
12 Other 15

This table shows the further comments that respondents had about the E-scooters trial.
25% of the further comments were that riders and young people abuse the e-scooters.
18% of comments were around better regulation and more enforcement of training and safety procedures.
16% of comments expressed that e-scooters were dangerous.
11% of comments were generally unsupportive of the trial and want to ban e-scooters.
8% of comments are generally support of the trial and e scooters.
8% of comments pertain to riders not following the rules of the road for example running red lights.
6% of comments mention that riders do not wear protective equipment for example helmets and safety vests
5% of comments mention that rental e scooters encourages the use of private e-scooters in the city.
4% of comments call for infrastructure to be improved for example, providing safer lanes for e-scooter use.
3% of comments would like to see more or better positioned parking racks.
71% of respondents had no comments.
15% of respondents had ‘other’ comments.

Further comments (quotes from respondents)

“I don’t have any issues with e scooters in principle but have witnessed far too many dangerous incidents on the road. On several occasions scooters weaving between cars, jumping red lights and most commonly two people on one scooter. Also, I don’t think that I have seen one user wearing a safety helmet.”

“If used with proper rules and regulations they could be an asset […] E-scooters should need a licence and the rider should have insurance.* There should be a minimum age regarding use.”

“I think they are an excellent addition to transport in the city. I would like to see the cycle paths improved, both numbers of them and the quality of the paths – they are very hard going on a scooter which has little ‘give’. Thanks for introducing them in the city and I hope you can keep them!”

*Rental e-scooter users must be 18 and hold a driving licence; insurance is provided by Voi. 

Please see the Travel Portsmouth website for other FAQs regarding the rental e-scooter trial.