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Final comments made by businesses

Due to the small number of respondents who gave further commentary it was difficult to find much consensus in their responses. Many of the responses given were either too business specific and did not allow projection onto the business community at large or were not regarding car clubs. Examples of this include a business going into detail of alternative means they’ve introduced to their organisation or criticism of public transport and a perceived lack of funding.

There was a generally positive response to car clubs from just over a third of respondent answers, praising them for their environmental benefits and showing interest in joining a scheme (35%), with respondents looking ” forward to expanding the possibility of joining” and offering to ” use some of our best car parking spaces to help incentivise internally”. There was also a small amount of interest from businesses outside of Portsmouth in using the scheme whilst in the City, stating “I would use a Car club every time we worked in the city” and “We visit Portsmouth regularly and would be happy to use a regional (City-wide) car club for members of staff”.

In addition to this just under a quarter of respondents would also like additional information on car clubs, which is reflective of the findings from earlier in the report, and indicates that a proportion of respondents would be open to joining if the benefits of a car club could be communicated to them.